A global network of board certified consulting pathologists exploiting the benefits of digital pathology to offer remote biopsy reviews and WSI annotation services to hospitals, clinical labs, research institutions and healthtech companies worldwide.

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Over 60 pathologists, each with particular subspecialty, join forces to offer a broad clinical pathology and cytology experience.


Custom-tailored service to fit the needs of every project involving pathology. Professional reporting and timely results. Robust scalability to conduct projects of any size.


All consortium members are Board-Certified pathologists. Our expert Project Managers strive for diagnostic excellence by assigning cases to pathologists with the appropriate subspecialty.

Pathology Services

By exploiting the power and flexibility of digital pathology, we are able to offer our services to hospitals, labs and healthtech companies worldwide

Hospitals and Clinical

Surgical pathology of WSI in various subspecialties such as gastro-intestinal, breast, genito-urinary, gynaecological, thoracic and lung, head and neck, soft tissue and bone, and endocrine pathology, dermatopathology, hematopathology, neuro-pathology, nephropathology,
cytology, etc. Primary and secondary consultations.

Pharma and CRO's

Custom manual and digital qualitative and quantitative assays and annotations to support clinical trials and other development needs. Professional reporting with industry-leading quality and security standards.

Medical AI Companies

Annotation services of tens of thousands WSI of many different kinds of tumor, using our own digital pathology platform or the customer's proprietary platform.

Research Projects

Remote pathology support for research institutions worldwide and international research projects to help interpret challenging pathology cases encountered in their research.


In many countries there is a structural shortage of trained pathologists​. In much of Africa, for example, there is only one pathologist for about a million people. But even in countries with a well developed health care system, pathology is a bottleneck profession, with more pathologists retiring than graduating. In many pathology labs there is an accute workforce shortage of pathologists, and healthtech companies are struggling to find trained pathologists for their drug discovery projects.

The IPSCON Board members share a common belief that digital pathology will dramatically improve efficiency, productivity, and reliability. Most importantly, it enables pathologists to perform their biopsy analyses on cloud stored digital images anywhere and anytime, a practice often referred to as telepathology. Telepathology allows expertise to be shared in primary and secondary diagnosis and peer review, and exploited in places where there is a short of seasoned pathologists.

IPSCON's mission is to foster better treatment decisions and improve patient care by providing its services and expertise to hospitals, laboratories, healthcare research sites and companies worldwide.
By pathologists, for pathologists.